Wordpress web design and development, the creation of print materials, photography and video services and social media strategy
R&D Paving is a family owned and operated paving and snow contractor in Franklin, New Hampshire.  The company has offered high quality services to the greater New Hampshire area since its founding in 1990, building a reputation for quality workmanship and personable professionalism.
When they first signed on with Chisel and Brand, R&D Paving, Inc. was looking for a way to expand their residential paving operation and present a stronger company image.
To achieve these goals, we focused first on building a redesigned website at http://rdpavinginc.com.  We added new photography to their existing photo library (showcasing their impressive breadth of work), created new copy that’s clear, informative, and interesting, and designed a layout that’s clean and easy to navigate for potential customers seeking contracting for all types of projects, from residential to commercial to town/state.
We’ve included some unique features on this site too, like a helpful sorting feature that helps visitors navigate the different work categories of the R&D Paving portfolio, a “Why R&D” page explaining intangibles that set this company apart from competitors, and clear “calls to action” throughout the site – such as the “Get a Free Quote” buttons and forms.
The site is built using WordPress, offering great Search Engine Optimization (SEO) advantages through the use of keywords, categories and tags and giving the R&D Paving staff the ability to easily and conveniently update portfolio images, customer testimonials, upcoming and past community events, etc.
A standard for all Chisel and Brand web customers, we created for R&D a detailed How-To Guide that describes how to make changes to their specific site.  This guide, in conjunction with our walk-through website training, will give R&D Paving total control of their site and help them save money in the long-term by reducing future website maintenance needs.
We also helped R&D build a foundation for their Facebook company page, adding copy that’s consistent with their website, photography that illustrates the company’s services, and a new profile picture design that incorporates the company’s logo and slogan.
New photography and video was an important aspect of the updated branding.  We met paving and snow crews on-site to capture and record R&D at work, adding depth to the company’s personality and brand.  The use of original photo and video content helped unify all aspects of this project, across web, print, and social media.
In addition to web work, we created a printable PDF one-sheet highlighting important elements of R&D Paving.  Available online for at-home customer printing, this PDF is now an important element of R&D Paving’s print marketing strategy, enhancing customer understanding of the company’s mission and services. This document also features a QR Code linking to their homepage, an invitation to connect on Facebook, and branding and design that’s consistent with their new website.
Chisel and Brand is proud to support this reputable local company.  Join us in supporting this family owned and operated business – check out the site and connect and say hello to R&D Paving on Facebook.

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